Six million Jews did not die in Germany during World War II, anyone should know there was but sixty thousand of them in all of Europe. Franklin Roosevelt was a dirty commie. John Sinclair is a dirty commie. Water fluoridation and LSD are both Communist plots. So is marijuana. All the yellow trash in Asia is not worth the life of one white, American soldier.

Picture of Wallace, “Sock Spock” poster, flags all over. All this and more. The NYA (National Youth Alliance) is in town—someone finally cares enough to restore Amerika to a swell place to live, for some of us, that is.

The first major NYA rally in Motown was held Oct. 17 and was attended by Adolph Hitler, myself, a hundred or so weirdoes, and two screaming old ladies who sat next to me. Flyers for the gathering warned “Hippies Not Admitted.”

The scene reminded me of a cross between a Mississippi revival I once attended and perhaps a mental ward at Northville.

Like most meetings, the right wing rally started late. After the national anthem, pledge of allegiance and ten minutes of prayer, the fun began.

The first attraction was a nifty movie that every “hippie, SDSer, commie, revolutionist, anarchist” shouldn’t miss—a “right” view of our recent urban riots that have been sweeping through this great land of ours.

To say the movie was biased, poorly prepared and contained inaccurate information would be an understatement. To say that the shots of the Detroit riots were actually Detroit would be incorrect. It was in color, though.

After the flic, the anxious crowd was subjected to a series of speakers whose main concern was to see if they could out-shout the previous speaker.

The special guest of the evening was Richard Carey, Breakthrough member, full-time firefighter, and racist and candidate for Detroit’s Common Council. To go through each of his comments on the current situation would be a waste of time. I will only say if he is elected, I’ll look for my old football helmet.

Two speakers or so later, appeared a modern day Adolph Hitler, whose mannerisms, appearance and message was so much like that of The Furer, I’m sure it was no coincidence. Anyhow, Hitler is an active participant in George Wallace’s campaign for the Presidency in 1972.

Then, the national NYA leaders, Mike Russell and Lou Byers, spoke. Russell held his comments to a light roar for a few minutes, but not Byers. A real expert on Vietnam, this Byers, he shouted for thirty minutes, exposing the crowd of hungry listeners to the truth for the first time. We were all spellbound.

One of the four points of the NYA program is “to bring peace to Amerika by resisting any attempt to involve us in a foreign war.” Sounds good, but Byers, a crafty bastard, somehow concluded by screaming, “WE MUST SUPPORT OUR BOYS IN VIETNAM AT ANY COST!” The crowd went wild. The two old ladies blessed our boys in Vietnam, Byers, Father Coughlin and Francis Parker Yockey. What the hell did you expect?

The audience came to their full potential during the question and answer period. It was then that the Breakthrough people proudly identified themselves. They quickly pointed out how they put those dirty hippies in their place. The representatives from Breakthrough all seemed to be in their eighties.

Just as the circus was about to leave town, it was announced that there were no hippies present, thanks to a sheer-brute force of fifteen men who were not about to see a fine meeting be taken over by agitators.

It seems that the brutes came from a long line of brutes who have been doing this kind of thing for no less than one hundred and four years—apparently a legend in right wing history. They are available 24 hours a day, anywhere in Michigan and are willing to protect any white, Christian rally.

If anyone is interested in joining the NYA, see your family psychiatrist.