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Bring the Fifth Estate to Washington as you march to bring the troops home. The Fifth Estate will have an increased press run of our issue scheduled to come out right before the next days of protest against the war. It will be available to vendors about noon on Wednesday, Nov. 13 from our office at 1107 W. Warren. The cost to vendors is 10 cents per copy and can be sold at the actions here for 20 cents and in Washington for a quarter.


Fifth Estate Collective

“To Serve the People”


Alan Gotkin

Peter Werbe

Cathy West


Bill Rowe


Keep On Truckin Co-op


Jane Capellaro

Dena Clamage

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David Gaynes

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John Sinclair


Fifth Estate Collective
Sinclair in Court

John Sinclair was arraigned in Federal District Court in Detroit Oct. 23, on charges that he conspired with two other White Panthers to place explosives at an Ann Arbor CIA office last year.

The others accused are Jack Forrest and Pun Plamondon, White Panther Minister of Defense, who still has not been apprehended at this writing. Pun is charged in a separate count of doing the &crust bombing that ripped apart the international pig office.


Fifth Estate Collective
Strike against War, Imperialism

On October 15, 25,000 Detroiters added their voice to the millions of others across the country saying “End the War in Vietnam, Bring All the Troops Home Now.” President Nixon, as he had promised, did not listen to that cry. The war continues and so does the Fall Anti-War Offensive.

The dates for the next phase are Nov. 13, 14, and 15. We urge every American who wants the carnage in Vietnam ended to participate as fully as possible in the scheduled events of those days.


Fifth Estate Collective
Wargasm in D.C.

Almost exactly two years ago, tens of thousands of demonstrators came down on Washington, D.C., to let the Pentagon feel the force of their opposition to the war in Vietnam.

Few of them got inside the Pentagon, nearly a thousand were arrested on the steps outside, beaten with clubs and rifle butts, gassed.


Joe Check
Pig Vigilantes

It has recently come to light that the Detroit Police Department has armed and trained a volunteer force of 1,500 civilians as Emergency Police Reserves.

This force was created after the 1967 Detroit rebellion to aid police in case of another major bid for freedom by the black community or during a natural disaster.


Fifth Estate Collective
High Sheriff: A Down

Editors’ Note: Roman Gribbs is Sheriff of Wayne County and candidate for mayor of Detroit. Part of his attempt to sell himself to the people of our city has been on the basis of his role in reforming the Wayne County Jail, which is his responsibility.

Long a chamber of horrors, the Sheriff has been able to enlist the cooperation of Detroit’s two daily papers to create an illusion that his dungeon has become a fit place for humans to inhabit due to his work.


Victor Mansfield
Plymouth Hits Smut

In a surprise but not so surprising appearance at a regular City of Plymouth City Commission meeting on Monday, Oct. 21, twelve anointed Veterans of Foreign Wars of one of the local posts registered their objections to the liberation of our brothers and sisters in that city.

The VFW read a statement which said in part, “We strongly object to the fact that certain publications, namely underground newspapers, have been made available to the students of Plymouth schools. Our objections primarily are to the vulgar and sexually provocative language, the disrespect for law and order and the overthrow of government.” Right on!


Frank H. Joyce
Kangaroo Kourt Kontinues

Special to the Fifth Estate

CHICAGO, Oct. 25—This week the Conspiracy is still learning about agents and informers.

Tobin, Chicago Police-undercover; Carcarano, Chicago Police-undercover; Rodriguez, Chicago Police-undercover; Salzberg, underground press photographer known personally and more or less trusted by many of the defendants, got paid $10,000 as an FBI informer for the last two years, code name Winston; Sweeny, FBI Informer; Killian, reporter for the far right Chicago Tribune, Chicago Police-undercover. The list goes on.


Dena Clamage

“I believe that if we had and would keep our dirty, bloody, dollar-crooked fingers out of the business of these nations so full of depressed, exploited people, they will arrive at a solution of their own.”

—General David M. Shoupe, Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps. Retired

It’s hard to believe that the war in Vietnam is still dragging on. The generals have already lost the war in the Vietnamese countryside and are now fighting a losing battle to hold on to the few cities and enclaves left to them.


Nick Medvecky

The news of the fighting in Lebanon fills the headlines of the newspapers across the US. “Fall of Tripoli Looms,” “Guerrillas Gain in Lebanon,” and on and on. Why is there fighting? What are they fighting for?

Reading the mass media, watching one’s TV, and listening to the news on the radio, quickly confirms the media’s “confusion” on the dynamics raging all around them. There is not any understanding manifested beyond the “cowboys and Indians” mentality.


Allen Ginsberg
David Gaynes

Ginsberg: The trees are our allies

Editors’ Note: this interview with poet Allen Ginsberg took place at 10 a.m. on October 15 while driving from Detroit’s inner city to Macomb College, where he was reading. Ginsberg was in the area doing a series of readings for the John Sinclair Defense Fund and a benefit for the Ann Arbor Argus.

Fifth Estate: What place does poetry have in the United States, at the present time, in connection with the movement?


Liberation News Service
Operation Intercept Junked

LOS ANGELES (LNS)—Operation Intercept, billed as the biggest and best-publicized anti-narcotics campaign in history, has come to a close, according to officials in Washington—and with it closes a colorful and exciting chapter in the continuing story of America’s War on Dope.

Late in September, Deputy Attorney General Richard Kleindeinst sat down behind a mountain of kilo bricks of pot at a Los Angeles press conference and said, “this is war.” Two explanations were advanced by observers.


Right for America

Six million Jews did not die in Germany during World War II, anyone should know there was but sixty thousand of them in all of Europe. Franklin Roosevelt was a dirty commie. John Sinclair is a dirty commie. Water fluoridation and LSD are both Communist plots. So is marijuana. All the yellow trash in Asia is not worth the life of one white, American soldier.


Hank Malone
How does a Radical Read Art?


There is a Saying: “Good writing is counter-revolutionary. According to Ellen Willis (who did a piece on the Chicago Pig Riot in New American Review No. 6) good writing “is a reminder that literature is basically an activity of mandarins, that it is all too easy for a writer to start thinking like a mandarin, that literary mandarins will be eager to recruit us, since there are too few good writers around. It is an exhortation not to glory in literacy as an end in itself, but to use it responsibly. And by responsibly I don’t mean judiciousness, intellectual respectability, or the balanced view. I mean responsibility to our fellows and our struggle.”


David Gaynes

When I was six, my old man picked up a ’54 Buick, which escalated our family into the burgeoning ranks of two-car amerika and made the local pump-jockeys clean the windshield with those snappy strokes shoe-shine boys used to reserve for gen-u-wine alligators.

We already had a Chevy six cylinder stickshift two-door, but it was just a car. The Buick, on the other hand, was a real creampuff: two toned paint job, elephantine white-wall tires, the whole ball of wax. From its chromed phallic hood ornament to its mellow-toned exhaust pipe, it was a boss short.


Greg Calvert
Revolution is an Act of Love

Reprinted from The Guardian

There is a phrase which has often come to mind in the last few months of our movement—“the politics of proving.” Too many people (especially whites, and particularly white males) seem involved in a game in which the intent is to “prove that I am as revolutionary as the blacks, the Cubans, the Vietnamese.” Most recently, “as revolutionary as the Black Panthers.”


Rock Ghouls

As groupies of the linear and electric media sniff at Janice Joplin’s empty whiskey bottles for the slightest whiff of a story, WKNR-FM of Detroit has taken rock coverage even farther down the ladder of respectability until it resembles Confidential magazine’s reportage even more than its usual Silver Screen approach.


J. Kerry Kammer
Films Alice’s Restaurant

“Alice’s Restaurant” is a good film and makes for a reasonably enjoyable evening’s entertainment. Several passages are even outstanding. But a revolutionary anthem it ain’t. Which, granted it never promised to be, but Arlo Guthrie’s laughing, sardonic musical manslaughter could have been turned into a fantastic, frantically fruitful film, not just a good one. And it’s too bad.


George dePue
“Here is the incredible story of what is really turning on the youth of today.”

The interview originated with a long-distance telephone call from Los Angeles to the office of the Fifth Estate the day of the Oct. 15 Moratorium. The operator wanted “whoever writes about movies.” There wasn’t anybody else in the office, so I took the call.

“This is Casey Kasem.” A good professional voice and manner. “I’m from Detroit and I’m starring in my first movie, ‘Free Grass,’ which is premiering there next week. I’d like to talk to you about it, if you’re interested.” Poised, easy. Right on. Free passes.


Good Karma

a review of

“Karma,” Pharoah Sanders (Impulse)

Editors’ Note: The following review of Pharoah Sanders’ killer new album was found in the Fifth Estate office without the author’s name on it. Would he please contact us so proper credit can be given.

Saying that “Karma” is Pharoah Sanders’ new album should be enough. Beginning with his close association with the late giant John Coltrane, Sanders has been a moving force in the new jazz of the 1960s. Though he undoubtedly stands in Trane’s shadow to a certain extent, he is forging his own path, one as wide and deep, important as any before him.


Fifth Estate Collective

Six hundred young Americans are planning to show their support this winter for the Cuban revolution by taking to that country’s fields armed with machetes.

They will be members of the Venceremos Cane-Cutting Brigade and will join with Cubans in a battle to harvest 10 million tons of sugar cane.

Venceremos is Spanish for “We Shall Triumph” and is the motto of the Cuban revolution.


Fifth Estate Collective
Day of Peace

(paid advertisement)

As Veterans’ Day, November 11th, draws near, it is significant to mention the “Day of Peace festival to be held at Olympia Stadium on that day.

“A Day of Peace” is intended by its producers to be just that—a do-your-own-thing day, for thousands of this area’s young people to gather together and enjoy one another as well as to see and hear fifteen of the groups which have made the Michigan area an exciting but peaceful place to live.


Thorstein Smith
View from the Top

Small-scale demonstrations on Wall Street around the October 15 Moratorium again raise the question, “Is Business Really for the War?” Fortune (Sept. and Oct., 1969) has come up with some answers through its own polls of the heads of the 500 largest corporations, banks, insurance companies, retailers, transportation companies and utilities.


Liberation News Service
GIs March

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (LNS) Fayetteville witnessed its first anti-war GI-civilian demonstration on Oct. 11 as 50 GIs from Ft. Bragg led a march of 1,000 people down the town’s main street.

The crowd marched through the streets shouting slogans like: “Rich Man’s War, Poor Man’s Fight,” “Um, Umgowa, People Got the Power,” and “Nixon’s Indicted by GIs United.” They encountered little harassment from either the cops or town residents.


Eugene Schoenfeld M.D.

Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld speaking at Community Arts Auditorium, May 28, 1969 at a benefit for Open City. Photo: Alan Gotkin.

Dear Dr. Schoenfeld.

This may be a bit out of your line but I have a dog who is gay.

Not that he will pass up a chance with a female dog, but he really goes out of his way to do it with a male dog.


Various Authors

Dear Editors:

I just finished reading your latest “words of wisdom.” Isn’t it about time you knocked it off? Words are works, I agree, but more appropriate adjectives may be found in any pocket dictionary.

You must be aware of the fact that “straight” people find your choice of words more than a little distasteful. If you’re trying to “turn on” the squares, come on slow, in a way acceptable to all.


Resa Jannett
Events Calendar

In cooperation with Detroit Adventure


ARTHUR MILLERS “After the Fall” presented at the WSU Hilbery Theatre. 8:30 pm.

OPEN CITY FREE MEDICAL CLINIC will cure your aches and pains. Come an hour early to sign your name. 6:30 to 8:30 pm, 4726 Third

FRI. OCT. 31


BLACK ARTS FESTIVAL. A spooky halloween nite is in store for you, with witches, sorcerers and voodoo priests. Music by the Stooges, Frost, Arthur Brown, Pink Floyd, Teegarden and Van Winkle, Savage Grace, Frut of the Loom, Amboy Dukes, All the Lonely People, the Coven, SRC, and the Pleasure Seekers. For more trippy fun, Timothy Leery, Anton Levey, Mystic Peter Hurkos and Ralph Adams, a modern day Houdini, will be on hand. At Olympia from 6:00 pm to the wee hours of the morn. For more info call 886–3880 Adm. $5.


Fifth Estate Collective

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