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Huey’s Lawyer Here

Charles Garry, attorney for Huey Newton, Black Panther Minister of Defense, will speak in Detroit at 8 p.m., Friday, October 18, at McGregor Hall on Wayne’s campus.

The occasion is a conference sponsored by the National Lawyers Guild on political defense.

The Newton trial, in significant contrast to the Spock Trial, was an important example of the use of a trial as a political forum, means of exposure, and organizing focus for movement politics. While exploiting all opportunities for legal and factual defenses, Garry relentlessly exposed the racist practices of the Oakland Police in particular, and racist nature of the judicial system and American society in general.


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Harvey Ovshinsky

Peter Werbe


Cathy West


Tommye Wiese


Alan Gotkin


John Sinclair


Mike Tyre




Gunnar Lewis


Resa Jannett



Alan Gotkin
Mich. Welcomes Muskie


It was “a secret service nightmare,” a disturbed aide of Maine Senator Edmund Muskie said referring to a walk-out demonstration that turned spontaneously into a sit-in which blocked the route of the Vice-Presidential motorcade.

The walkout and demonstration took place on Sept. 26 at Oakland University where Muskie was speaking to an estimated audience of 2000 students and faculty members. When Muskie entered the packed gymnasium he was greeted with shouts of “Dump the Hump,” and “Hell no, we won’t go.”


Huey Sentenced Power to the people...or the sky’s the limit

OAKLAND, Calif., Sept. 27—Huey P. Newton, Black Panther leader, was sentenced today to a prison term of 2 to 15 years for the voluntary manslaughter of John Frey, an Oakland cop.

Newton’s lawyer, who was turned down on his plea for probation said he hoped to gain freedom for Newton on bail through an appeal to the California District Court of Appeals.


Judie Davis
Eat It

Now that Fall is here, I hope to be more regular with this column. I just haven’t been in the mood to write about food, what with the world coming down all around. But as my editor says, politics is a dime a lime, but everyone likes to Eat It.

Bradley Jones keeps asking me for some one dish casserole recipes so I’ll start with my own chili recipe. I like chili very thick and sort of spicy sweet.


John Wilcock
Other Scenes

What a pathetic creature Horseshit Humphreak is; how could anybody with any intelligence take him seriously? Other Scenes wrote (in March 1966): “If vice-stooge HH had the guts to express his own opinions he could be the next president, which—with the polarization over Vietnam—will certainly never be his fate as a yesman.” The fact is undeniable that anybody who’s prepared to rationalize evil for any reason whatsoever is already irrevocably part of it. As of now HH Horseshit looks like a sure loser (his only helper being Asshole Agnew) which, from any revolutionary’s viewpoint, holds hope for the future. President pip-squeak humphreak could keep the wallsitters (including those deserted dreamers who worked for McCarthy) in line for a couple of years before all hell breaks loose; president vixen nixon might last a year; but with george shit-ass in power we might be lucky enough to cause the literal overthrow of the u.s. government within six months. Think on these things. Guerrillas should eschew ideologies (tho not ideals) and concentrate upon tactics.


Thorne Dreyer
HUAC on the Make The Circus is Coming to Town!

NEW YORK, Sept. 24 (Liberation News Service)—The HUAC circus is coming to town once more. And the fireworks should fly in Washington.

Thus far, six people have received subpoenas to appear before the House Un-American Activities Committee on Oct. 1. Those now set to appear before Amerika’s anti-commie tribunal are Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Dave Dellinger and Robert Greenblatt.


Fifth Estate Collective
Editors’ Notes

We think an important clarification is needed regarding the “editors’ note” that appeared on page seventeen of last issue that said, “All you need is dynamite.”

This, in fact, was not an editors’ note at all, but rather the whim of persons working on the layout of the paper. We can dig the way they felt at 4:00 in the morning reading Ralph Gleason’s bad review of the Beatles’ bad record, “Revolution,” but that statement does not reflect the thinking of this newspaper.


Fifth Estate Collective
Goodbye pig car, draft board.... In an age of sabotage the sky is the limit

Spitball of Buddha leaflet

“The destruction of a troop transport truck or the public execution of a police torturer is more effective propaganda for the local population than a hundred speeches. Such conduct convinces them of the essential: that the Revolution is on the march, that the enemy is no longer invulnerable.”

—Regis Debray, Revolution in the Revolution


Fifth Estate Collective
Black GIs Convicted

FORT HOOD, Tex.—A court-martial found five black soldiers, including two Detroiters, guilty of refusing to obey an order growing out of a demonstration against possible anti-riot duty at the Democratic National Convention.

The specific charge was failing to report for reveille.

A sixth soldier, Pvt. Ronald McCoy, 23, of Philadelphia was acquitted.


Fifth Estate Collective
The San Francisco Mime Troupe

And now ladies and gentlemen...

The San Francisco Mime Troupe is preparing for its third annual cultural assault on Detroit. Presented by this newspaper, the guerrilla theatre group whose home ground is the public parks of San Francisco and Berkeley, will present a new commedia dell’arte play, “The Farce of Patelin,” at Upper DeRoy Auditorium on the WSU campus, October 25, 26, 27 at 8:00 p.m.


Eugene Schoenfeld M.D.
Dr. HIPpocrates

Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld speaking at Community Arts Auditorium, May 28, 1969 at a benefit for Open City. Photo: Alan Gotkin.

arf! arf!

QUESTION: My wife and I think it might be interesting for her to have intercourse, perhaps regularly, with a German Shepherd dog. We have not experimented, however, because we are afraid of weird diseases that we might get. What’s the deal?


Thomas Haroldson
Belle de Jour Film review

If Luis Bunuel had not directed “Belle de Jour,” it probably would have turned out to be nothing more than a case history from the pages of Krafft-Ebbing. On the very surface it merely tells the story of how a wealthy married woman sets out to solve her “abnormal” sexual hang-ups.

Since she is a masochist, who secretly yearns to be dominated, debased and sexually abused, her life of complete comfort leaves her cold. For relief, she frequently resorts to erotic daydreams, but finally the moment comes when she is compelled to act out her sexual fantasies. After a couple of false starts, she becomes a Belle de Jour, an afternoon prostitute, in a small middle-class brothel.


Karen Knorp
Skin Flick at the Krim

“The Female,” current attraction at the Trans-Lux Krim in Highland Park, comes as close to being an obscene movie is anything I’ve seen.

The principal action is set in a Mexican whorehouse, and includes graphic scenes of two or more people in bed engaging in various acts of sadism, fellatio, foot fetishism, and plain old sexual intercourse. This is not, in my opinion, what makes “The Female” an obscene movie.


Bob Stark
Sex, Drugs and other Cheap Hypes


“The problem with San Francisco groups is, I was expecting wonders and miracles and what I heard was a bunch of white blues bands that didn’t sound as funky as my little band in high school.”

—Frank Zappa

“Big Brother is a joke.”

—Mike Bloomfield

“That’s Jim Gurley. He’s the SADDEST guitar player in the whole world.”



more music

Street Fightin’ Man

Editors’ note: While the Beatles are copping out, the Rolling Stones are running a hard line. The following is part of the lyrics from their latest record:


But what can a poor boy do

Except to sing for a rock n roll band.

Guess in a sleepy London town,

There’s just no place for a street fighting man.


David Baker
Beatles ‘Revolution’ More reaction

Editors’ Note: The following article by brother Baker, Research Director of People Against Racism, is a rebuttal to the apology for the Beatles’ song “Revolution” done by “critic” Ralph Gleason in the last issue of this paper [FE #62, Sept. 19-Oct. 2, 1968] .

So the Beatles don’t like revolution.

That’s O.K. You wouldn’t either if you had a billion jillion dollars. The old society, you see, has been very good to the Beatles, so what do they have to gain by identifying with those who would change it? Very little indeed. So don’t be surprised.


Mixed Mead-ear John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers “Bare Wires” (London)

John Mayall is an incredible musician—insomuch that not only is he a formidably versatile and adept instrumentalist, but he possesses a respect for his music which is unswerving.

Famous as he is for changing his personnel for each album, the Bluesbreakers belong to Mayall. That is why there will always be a John Mayall band. Strange though it may seem I can compare him to Frank Zappa, in that both are people with an awful lot to say but they cannot say it alone. Both tried (“Lumpy Gravy” and “Blues Alone”) and both attempts were good but neither really served its purpose. Both Zappa and Mayall are band leaders. Please bear that in mind as you read this review and/or hear the album.


the Masked Marvel
Wouldn’t it have been nice if...


It must have been like watching one of his own underground movies.

There was Ralph Pickett, manager of the Detroit Repertory Theatre and a friend, Bob, running around in the back woods of Ft. Wayne, Indiana harvesting acres of grass with Sheriff’s deputies lurking down the road waiting to make a bust.


Elektra buys 5

In a lightning move, Elektra Records signed the MC5 and the Stooges to long-term recording contracts in New York September 26.

The move was engineered by Elektra’s publicity director, Danny Fields, who flew out to hear the bands last weekend at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit and the Union Ballroom in Ann Arbor, where the 5 and the Stooges were playing a benefit for the Children’s Community School.


Various Authors

Dear Beautiful People,

As I was sitting in Grant Park in Chicago August 28 what to my tear-gassed eyes should appear but a beautiful young girl with a free copy of the Fifth Estate.

She handed me a copy with a smile on her face so I immediately began to read every page, through the tears in my eyes. It was beautiful to say the least.


Barbara Sincavitch
Funeral at Ft. Wayne

On a damp dreary Friday the 13th September morning a battered funeral hearse was driven to the gates of Fort Wayne Induction Center.

The hearse was stopped at the M.P. Station just inside the gates and the driver was told to leave the base. The driver turned the car around and stopped in the driveway. Six pallbearers got out of the hearse, opened the tailgate and took out a casket, designed with the Resistance Omega and other peace symbols.


Hank Malone
The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test Book review

a review of

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. 1968. $5.95,

A special wildness with words, a special Taste for gory Under-Thirty-Decoding is all part of Tom Wolfe’s cool Aid to the “electro-pastel 400-horsepower energy and abundance of postwar American westernmost Reality.”


Fifth Estate Collective
GI Busted in Demo

NEW ORLEANS, La., Sept. 12, The Word/LNS—A Fort Polk soldier was busted here, during his participation in a peaceful protest demonstration against Governor Wallace.

The soldier, Private Michael Borne, of Chalmette, La., approached the marchers and asked the nature of the demonstration. He was told, and invited to join which he did. He marched approximately five minutes, amidst cat-calls, and jeers from Legionaire hecklers.


Fifth Estate Collective
Events Calendar

Fri. Oct. 4

DICK GREGORY. civil rights activist, comedian, and write-in candidate for president, will speak at Oakland U., Sports & Rec. Bldg. 10 am $1 adm. Take I-75 to Rochester University Dr. Exit.

GRANDE BALLROOM. The Ten Years After are there along with The Rationals and the Dave Workman Band. AND, Barry Kramer has now added bullshit posters to his groovy psychedelic counter. You must be 17. Grand River & Beverly.


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