J.R. Kennedy
PCAUR Drives it Home

The cement never sets on the WSU empire.

A sign is attached to the cement wall of the new Foreign Language Building at Wayne State University. It faces the John C. Lodge Freeway and the Matthaei Physical Education Complex beyond it. The sign, without reservation announces that Wayne is “Building For Our Second Century.”


Fifth Estate Collective
In Case Of...

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R. Fleck
Custom Cars & Lennon Prints

Author’s Note: This article is not intended to define or thoroughly explain the muddled swamp which is today’s world of art/life/experience. In fact, its only a visceral (gut) reaction to looking at cars, looking at Lennon-Ono prints. In the next issue a more detailed exploration of art and people will be presented. But for the time being....


Fifth Estate Collective
Into the ‘70s

On January 22 the usually quiet and staid University of Detroit joined the ‘70s as police arrested 17 students who were protesting the presence of a Navy recruiter on campus.

photo / A. Gotkin

The students, who began a non-violent, non-disruptive sit-in at the University’s Placement Center, refused to leave when ordered to by Dean for Student Affairs, Fred Shadrick. Then, as the headline of the U-D Varsity News put it, “Fred Calls Cops” and the Tactical Mobile Unit, a police riot bus and a paddy wagon took the students away.


John Sinclair
The Snakes will be Dealt With

Editors’ Note: The following is the introduction to a speech written by John Sinclair at Marquette prison and read by Jesse Crawford at the Free John Sinclair Day benefit at the Grande Ballroom, Jan 24. Contrary to reports on WABX’s Rock and Roll news the audience received the fifty minute reading with great interest and solemnity.


Pun Plamondon
Outlaws Forever, Forever Outlaws

Editor’s note: The following message from White Panther Minister of Defense in exile, Pun Plamondon, was read by his wife Geni at the Eastown Theatre, Jan 25 as part of the Free John Sinclair Day benefit.

“The beginnings will not be easy; they will be extremely difficult. All the oligarchies’ powers of repression, all their capacity for brutality and demagogy will be placed at the service of their cause. Our mission, in the first will be to survive....”


Liberation News Service
Calley Rally Flops

ATLANTA (LNS)—Super-patriots have been trying to turn Lt. William Calley, accused of playing a major role in the Song My massacre, into some sort of a military hero.

Last month, members of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars planned a rally in support of Calley. They expected 3,000 people, but only 34 showed up.


Fifth Estate Collective
Free University Opens

Open City’s Free University is preparing for its Winter term and has published a beautiful catalog listing the available courses.

They range from blues harp instruction to massage, organic farming, urban folklore, encounter groups, yoga, dance, photography and many others that “involve the basic needs of all people—the need to touch, the need to share, the need for love, growth and self-discovery.”


Jerry Lindquist
Help Send this Boy to Cuba

When Fidel Castro liberated the Cuban people from exploitation by United Fruit and other capitalist pilferage 10 years ago, an old folks home in Washington enforced an economic blockade on that small island country.

Their reasoning can only be explained as anger at not being allowed to continue pulling in a profit from the labor and resources of that nation. It is part of the same greedy anger being displayed by Pig Amerika in its genocidal mania against the peoples of Vietnam and the black colony here.


Fifth Estate Collective
Students Plan Anti-War Meet

College and high school antiwar activists and leaders are scheduled to converge on the campus of Cleveland’s Case-Western Reserve University this month to discuss, debate and decide on a future course for the student antiwar movement.

The February 14 and 15 national conference, called by the Student Mobilization Committee to End The War in Vietnam (SMC), is expected to be the largest anti-war student gathering to date. The SMC is encouraging all young people against the war interested in helping to chart the Spring program and strategy for the SMC and the student anti-war movement to come and participate in the conference.


George Metefsky
Caution: Capitalism May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Part I

These are the last days of the Weimar Republic.

In Berkeley, police ‘opened fire with buckshot on unarmed people by the Peoples’ Park, wounding over a hundred and killing one, James Rector. Across the country—in Madison, in Ann Arbor—police repeated the same repression with only slightly less savagery. Meanwhile, the government is quietly extending its stop-and-frisk, no-knock police state over almost everybody under 30.


Liberation News Service
On My Honor...

NEW YORK (LNS) — The Boy Scout movement has long been regarded as a paramilitary indoctrination course for Western Civilization’s children.

Now a Massachusetts autograph dealer is offering for sale a letter which confirms that view of the Scout movement. The letter, dated Oct. 16, 1928, was written by Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts. It is addressed to a friend and financial supporter of the organization.


Suzy Kleencheez
A Night in Detroit General

Editor’s Note: The following is a taped rap by a young sister from East Detroit who was able to get a first hand glimpse of the medical care afforded the city’s poor.

I took an overdose of pills and I’d been throwing up and I couldn’t sleep or anything, and I had to be admitted to Detroit General Hospital because I was in the city.


Liberation News Service
GIs Talk About the Army

Editors’ Note: The following is a Liberation News Service interview with two anti-war GIs recorded at the Ft. Dix Coffee House.

“People don’t realize why soldiers march,” says Staff Sergeant Rick Williams, a husky, quiet-spoken soldier of Southern poor-white origin.

“It’s because when you march you don’t have a mind of your own. You can’t think about a right face before you get the order, or you’ll do it before it’s time. Once you get a soldier to march, you can get him to do just about anything you tell him.”


Liberation News Service
War Crimes in Vietnam

NEW YORK (LNS) — An ex-GI has charged that electrical torture of prisoners and civilians is official U.S. policy in Vietnam.

Peter Martisen, 25, interrogated prisoners-of-war for the 541st Military Intelligence Detachment. He was trained for his job at Fort Holabird, Md., and was stationed in Vietnam from Sept. 1966 to June 1967.


Fred Gardner
Year of the Big Lie

Liberation News Service — Soldiers are shipping out for Vietnam from West Coast embarkation points at a rate that recalls the 1966 build-up—1,700 one day, 3,000 the next. The Oakland Army Terminal is so jammed with GIs on their way to war that hundreds had to sleep out in pup tents during the torrential rains of early January.


Sam Cohen
This Hallowed Institution

Monogamy, Monogamy

God Shed His Grace on Thee,

And Crown Thy Mane

With Ball & Chain,

From Sea to Bourgeoisie

—An S. Cohen special doggerel

Mom, dad, kiddie—cozily huddled around the TV. Symbol of Monogamy, of the one-with-one “until death shall do you part.” Symbol of a Good, the insurance against sexual chaos, shield against the slings and arrows of outrageous promiscuity.


David Levison
Rip-Off! $&$&&$&$$!$!

Youth capitalism is proving to be as repressive to its people as Nixon’s solution to Black Liberation, black capitalism. The young are being systematically robbed by the capitalists who get rich dealing the products and services of the alternate culture.

The black ghetto feels the bite of the businessman much worse because he robs the black community by selling high-priced, poor quality goods to low-income families. The less you got the more it hurts to get it.


Larry Kaplan
Thee Column


I’ve got the clap, but because of night classes, I can’t get to the Open City Free Medical Clinic. Is there anywhere I can get treatment during the daytime?


City of Detroit to the rescue! The Detroit Social Hygiene Clinic is the place you’re looking for. The clinic is located in building 7 of the Herman Keifer Hospital, 8811 John Lodge, which is on the west side of the freeway just south of Clairmont.


Fifth Estate Collective
UPSTERS Ready With Record

ANN ARBOR—The long awaited single by the Up has been slated for release on Feb. 6. The tunes will be “Just Like An Aborigine” and “Hassan I Sabba.”

Artwork for the record label and jacket will be done by Youth International Party (YIP) Minister of Culture in exile, Gary Grimshaw. Grimshaw, who was working in California with the Berkeley Tribe fled for parts unknown recently after a Federal Fugitive Flight warrant was issued for him. He is wanted in Traverse City on a frame-up dope charge along with Pun Plamondon, Minister of Defense.


Fifth Estate Collective
Wisconsin Goes Loco Parentis

MADISON, Wisc. — (CPS/LNS) While many schools have been abandoning women’s curfew hours (most recently the University of Iowa), the state board of regents of the University of Wisconsin has voted to re-instate women’s hours for freshmen. The ruling takes effect in September, 1970. Hours for coeds were abolished in 1968.


Eugene Schoenfeld M.D.

Dear Dr. Schoenfeld:
Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld speaking at Community Arts Auditorium, May 28, 1969 at a benefit for Open City. Photo: Alan Gotkin.

I’m strung out on heroin. This doesn’t seem to have any long term advantages.

There are a good many places which offer help to addicts who wish to kick. But to the best of my knowledge, all of them ask the name of the patients and take photographs, etc. The confidential file always eventually becomes available to the law enforcers.


Various Authors

“Where grievances pile high and most of the elected spokesmen represent the establishment, violence may be the only effective response.”

—Justice William O. Douglas, U.S. Supreme Court

“Violence? We hate it. But is it violent to shoot a cop who breaks into your home bent on killing you? If so, the Panthers are violent.”


Resa Jannett
Events Calendar

In cooperation with Detroit Adventure


FIRST MEN IN THE MOON (1964)& THE ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (1933), two adaptations of H. G. Welles’ novels presented as part of the Science Fiction Film Festival. 7:00 p.m. Single feature 50 cents, double 75 cents. DeRoy Auditorium WSW.

THE STEEL HELMET (1950) & PARK ROW works of Samuel Fuller. Architecture Aud. in Ann Arbor. 75 cents 7:00 & 9:05 p.m.