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Barry Barkan
Media’s at the Dog Show

Maybe the overground media will learn from the people.

Der Fuhrer unleashed his vituperative and narrow Goerbels to whip the media into presenting only what the government wants the people to know.

The networks and the newspapers tripped over their own feet in an effort to shuffle into line. Like their liberal counterparts of a previous generation, the managers of the media crumpled, cringed and quickly rearranged their objective reality to oblige the rightwing fanatics of the government.


Jeff Shero
Conspiracy: end of the circus

The U.S. ended the trial of the Conspiracy Eight with all the subtlety of a bludgeoning. Despite the messy close and the muted cries of the professional observers in the press gallery, the defendants’ demise came by club rather than through rapier thrusts. But then there is something to be said for the club. It’s effective.


Fifth Estate Collective

It’s marching time again in Detroit.

The Detroit Coalition to End the War in Vietnam Now has called for a mass march down Woodward on April 15th to demand an immediate withdrawal of all troops from Vietnam. The march will be part of a nation-wide week of protests called for April 13–18 by the New Mobilization Committees.


To Serve the People

Since its inception, Open City has served young people. Open City is now asking that members of the community return the favor.

In the past three years they have supplied the Wayne State area street people with free medical and legal aid, free clothing, rent-free crash pads and free job-placement for long-haired freeks.



CHICAGO, Feb. 28—The seven defendants in the Chicago Conspiracy trial were released from jail after the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Judge Hoffman’s no bond ruling.

Bond for the five defendants convicted of incitement to riot was set at $25,000 each. Dave Dellinger, Rennie Davis, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin had been sentenced by Judge Hoffman to terms of five years in prison and $5,000 fines. They were acquitted on charges of conspiracy to cross state lines to incite riots at the Democratic Convention.


J.R. Kennedy
Community-PCAUR Fight WSU Toy Police

People Concerned About Urban Renewal, representing the community that Wayne State has exploited for over ten years, once again marched against the University Feb. 28, demanding free community access to the Matthaei Physical Education Complex.

The Wayne State Department of Public Safety once and for all shed their liberal front and turned on the community people in a fashion that would make the DPOA proud. At no time during the entire demonstration did these Wayne Toy Police wear or display their I.D. badges.


Fifth Estate Collective
Army found guilty...sentenced to death

Reprinted from The Bond: The Voice of the American Servicemen’s Union

SEATTLE—GIs from Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base held a trial of the Brass and its war in Vietnam before an audience of 1,500 at the University of Washington. A jury of twelve active-duty soldiers found the military “guilty” on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and violations of soldiers’ rights.


J.R. Kennedy
Black Schools Erupt

High school students throughout the country have been historically forced to assume second and third class status in Amerikan citizenship. Special kinds of oppression are reserved for them because the state views them as being at the crucial brainwashing stage.

But, like all other institutions in our society, high schools are breaking out of the narrow constricted limitations that are provided for them. To be black in Amerika is bad enough, but to be black and a student is totally intolerable. Throughout Detroit white, and especially black, high schools have been rebelling and scoring important victories.


Fifth Estate Collective
The League of Revolutionary Black Workers

The League of Revolutionary Black Workers Demand:

  1. Halt UAW racism. 50% representation for black workers on the international executive board and international staff. Open skilled trades and apprenticeships to black workers. Recognition of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers and its affiliates as the official spokesman for black workers.

  2. That the grievance procedure be completely revised so that grievances are settled immediately on the job by workers in the plant involved.

  3. Elimination of all safety and health hazards in the auto industry. This means cleaning the air in the foundry and redesigning dangerous machinery and production cut backs on hazardous jobs.

  4. The union must fight vigorously against speed ups and increases in production standards. The companies should double the size of their work force to meet the present workload.

  5. The union must fight for a five-hour work-day and a four-day work-week. The profit level of industry is high enough to allow for more leisure time for workers.

  6. The union must fight for an immediate doubling of the wages of all production workers. Since 1960 wages of black workers have risen less than 25%. Yet profits have risen more than 90%.

  7. A cut in union dues. The union already collects $10 million a month from its members and can’t defend the rights of the workers.

  8. The end of the checkoff of union dues. While the checkoff was progressive in the ‘30s, today it prevents workers from disciplining poor union leadership.

  9. That all UAW investment funds be used to finance economic development in the black community under programs of self-determination.

  10. That the union end its collusion with the United Foundation. Black workers should contribute only to black controlled charities working for the benefit of the black community.

  11. That all monies expended for political campaigns by the UAW be turned over to the League of Revolutionary Black Workers and the Black United Front for black controlled and directed political work.

  12. That the UAW end its collusion with the CIA, the FBI and all other white racist spy institutions.

  13. That the UAW end all interference in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the black community.

  14. An end to the harassment of black revolutionaries and their leaders by the auto companies with UAW cooperation.

  15. That the UAW use its political and strike powers to call a General Strike to demand:


Michael John
Papersellers Victimized

On Saturday, February 21, three members of the Detroit chapter of the National Committees to Combat Fascism were beaten and arrested while selling the Black Panther Newspaper in front of Kresge’s downtown. The NCCF is a group which is affiliated with the Black Panther Party.

This attack took place at the same time as 200 people were demonstrating against the convictions in the Chicago Conspiracy trial. The protesters massed in Grand Circus Park and then marched to the Federal Building.


J.R. Kennedy
Blacks Confront UAW

The League of Revolutionary Black Workers, founded in Detroit, is a militant union movement. It is fighting against the giant automotive corporations and against the United Auto Workers. It is fighting for black liberation and self-determination. The League of Revolutionary Black Workers is an historic phenomenon that is not only a response to the failures of capitalist-worker relationships, but more importantly it is a response to the failures of American unionism.


Fifth Estate Collective
High School Bill of Rights


Freedom of Political Activity



George Metefsky
Caution: Capitalism May Be Hazardous to Your Health (Conclusion)


The danger facing freeks—even many so-called “cultural revolutionaries”—is that hip culture is close to a revolutionary cultural movement, but more of a lumpen middle-class culture, deformed by capitalist society, to the extent that it even preserved class-lines between the upper and lower middle-class (plastic hippie and freek).


William Allan
Three Dead—Nobody Guilty

FLINT—The acquittal by an all-white jury here on Feb. 25 of three white Detroit cops and a black private guard in connection with the beating of eight black youths and two white girls in the Algiers Motel in 1967 was not unexpected.

Auburey Pollard, Carl Cooper, Fred Temple, three black youths, were gunned to death in the motel by Detroit cops and after 3 years no one has been convicted of the massacre. Ronald August, one of the cops, was acquitted of first degree murder charges last summer even after he had admitted killing Pollard, whom he said grabbed at his shotgun. Pollard was unarmed, while August had a pistol, blackjack and shotgun and the aid of several cops in and around the room.


Fifth Estate Collective
Leary Guilty

SANTA ANA, Cal., Feb. 20—Dr. Tim Leary, his wife and son were found guilty here on charges of possession of marijuana and LSD.

Superior Court Judge Byron Mcmillian set sentencing for March 13. Leary and his wife remained free on bail but the bail of their son was revoked and he was taken into custody.


Roland Young
Rafael Viera on the Young Lords

The following article is a reprint of an interview with Rafael Viera, Chief Medical Cadre of the Young Lords Organization (YLO), that first appeared in the Black Panther Newspaper. Viera is one of three men that were indicted following the New Bethel incident here in Detroit last March. At that time Viera was the only non-black member of the Black Legion, a paramilitary arm of the Republic of New Africa. He, along with Clarence Fuller, is to face trial on March 9 here in Detroit. Alfred Hibbitt, the third individual indicted, was acquitted on December 22 (see the Fifth Estate Jan. 22—Feb. 4, Vol. 4, No. 19). Viera is charged with assault with intent to kill and will be defended by Milton Henry, Ken Cockerel, and Chuck Ravitz. He is currently in New York City working in Spanish Harlem to maintain a recently established chapter of the YLO.


Fifth Estate Collective
New Laws may Reform Michigan Dope Statutes

The laws regarding the use of marijuana may become significantly less stringent if several bills before the Michigan State House of Representatives are enacted into law.

A series of bills introduced by Rep. Dale Warner, Eaton Rapids Republican, would reclassify pot from a narcotic to a “dangerous drug,” make possession of it a misdemeanor, and reduce the maximum penalty for sales to four years in prison. Currently the maximum for possession is 10 years (which is being served by John Sinclair) and the minimum for sales is twenty years.


Bob Fleck
Geriatric Jams

It was all so easy back in the ‘50s—Eisenhower and Dulles had learned a lesson from Korea and kept us busy smelling the reds out from under our own beds while they concentrated on sewing up the Iron Curtain with brinksmanship. And when McCarthy’s purges palled, juvenile dee-linquency was off and running with your hub caps (remember, the Teenage Werewolf was just a mixed up kid who couldn’t keep out of fights or the clutches of know-it-all shrinks).


Larry Kaplan
Thee Column

Writing serious, meaningful information that helps people is important, but after a while it bores me (and maybe you too) shitless. In response to this shitty boredom, it’s time for a collection of useless information, meaningless facts and general dung.

Telephone trips can be weird. For a starter try the usual tried and true recorded raps. The day we called Dial A Prayer 261–2440 the word God was mentioned 7 times during the 75 second religious message.


Don Jackson
Gay Violence Predicted

Committee for Homosexual Freedom co-founder Leo Laurence predicted a violent uprising if the oppression of Gays is not ended.

In an interview for Tangents Magazine, Laurence warned, “If the oppression of the homosexual is not stopped, if discrimination in employment, in government is not stopped, if the hypocrisy taught by the churches, the lies taught by the schools is not stopped—then this country is in danger, and there’s a likelihood of having a violent revolution, where there will be fighting in the streets of every city across this country, where there will be sniping by hostile people. I’m opposed to violence. But if the government doesn’t change, that’s probably what will happen.”


Eugene Schoenfeld M.D.

Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld speaking at Community Arts Auditorium, May 28, 1969 at a benefit for Open City. Photo: Alan Gotkin.

The audience stared incredulously at Old Glory.

Their eyes moved down the little wooden staff and remained fixed on its base, a candle in the shape of an erect penis. The candle was red, white and blue and larger than life. Silver stars covered its blue testicles.


Various Authors

To the People I Love c/o The Fifth Estate:

You will note with paradoxical titters that the “Silent Majority” of which Nixon speaks (that is, referring to “a nation of sheep”), is in fact a misnomer caused of social lingual conditioning. The silent majority in this country—I would like to believe—are those millions of young and old people both, who inside themselves, know the radical youth of today are right and correct.


Resa Jannett
Events Calendar

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