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Core Director Here For Viet Teach-In

Floyd McKissick, National Director of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), will be speaking in Detroit on Monday, November 7. The Detroit Committee to End the War in Vietnam and the Wayne Committee to End the War in Vietnam have announced that McKissick will be one of the main speakers at a teach-in which is scheduled for that day on the Wayne State University campus.


Barry Base
Five-panel graphic



ted from the Toronto Star) The Cartoon panels show a middle aged chubby woman gesturing with her hands and body as she speaks, clasping hands, putting them in front of her, away from her body, close to her body. She says:

  1. “His father talked to him. He said ‘Let the GOVERNMENT worry about RESPONSIBILITY! All YOU have to do is drop the bombs!’ But it was no use. He’d just start yelling about WARSAW.

  2. “I talked to him. I said ‘Let the GOVERNMENT worry about MORALITY! All YOU have to do is burn the villages!’ But he wouldn’t listen. He’d just start yelling about HITLER.

  3. “His teacher talked to him. He said ‘Let the GOVERNMENT worry about NATIONAL GUILT! All YOU have to do is gun down the silly peasants!’ But he paid no attention. He’d just start yelling about BELSEN.

  4. “Our minister talked to him. He said ‘Let the GOVERNMENT worry about HUMAN DIGNITY! All YOU have to do is NAPALM the women and children!’ But it had no effect. He’d just start yelling about NUREMBERG.

  5. “So the day his draft card arrived he left for CANADA! He’s living there now in some place called YORTVILLE or something! I didn’t raise my boy to be a Canadian!”

Fifth Estate Collective
Mime Troupe Busted

Maybe you dug the San Francisco Mime Troupe doing their blackface minstrel show jamming black-white reality back in your face, but the Denver cops certainly didn’t. Charges of indecent acts and indecent language were filed against three members of the Troupe when they played Denver’s Phipps Auditorium last week.


Fifth Estate Collective
ACLU Joins Fight for GIs to Dissent

The American Civil Liberties Union will challenge the court-martial conviction of an Army lieutenant for participating in a demonstration against US policy in Vietnam, arguing that the articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice under which he was convicted violate freedom and are unconstitutionally vague.


John Sinclair
The Coatpuller

The WSU Artists’ Society’s fall concert/reading series is now set and will continue with a concert by the Contemporary 4 at the Community Arts Auditorium Thursday, November 3, at 8:30 p.m. Charles Moore will introduce his new band, featuring Kirk Lightsey, piano, and Ron Johnson & John Dana, the regulars. Former pianist Stanley Cowell left Michigan for New York City in August and has been working with Marion Brown (including a recent recording session for Pixie) among others. The concert will be introduced by yours truly. There is no admission charge per se, but a donation of $1.00 will be appreciated.


Frank H. Joyce
Charges Dropped in ‘Policeman’s Field Day’

On September 16 charges of Inciting to Riot against Moses Wedlow and James Roberts were dismissed in Recorder’s Court by visiting Judge John Seiler. The charges grew out of the August 9–12 “Policeman’s Field Days” on Kercheval on Detroit’s East Side. Three additional charges of rioting, conspiracy to disturb the peace and possession of a bomb against the two men had previously been dropped for lack of evidence.


Fifth Estate Collective
Carl Campbell

Detroit Marine Against War G.-Eye View of Vietnam

Carl Campbell is 23 years old and a veteran of the Vietnam war, where he served in the United States Marine Corps. He is presently a student at Wayne State University. His interview with the Fifth Estate follows below.

FE: Carl, why did you join the Marines?

Carl Campbell: I was 19 years of age, a high school graduate, I didn’t have enough money to go to college, I felt somewhat patriotic and soldiering is the logical action of anyone who is patriotic. I had also decided if you were going to be a soldier, you might as well be a good one. At that time I had no doubt that the Marines were good soldiers.


Franklin Bach
Bach on Rock

I remember that there was a time not too long ago when yours truly sat in one of Detroit’s few coffee houses wanting so badly to have a good time and hear some good music that I actually applauded the second-rate “musicians” folking off onstage. These performers were the product of a very small and very sick music scene in the city. There was very little of anything exciting attracting customers to hear live music. Consequently, there was very little money for the musicians playing in this city. There was, as a result, very little competition, creativity, or excitement going on in the coffee houses. A vicious circle.


Jeff Shero
Playboy’s Tinseled Seductress

from The Rag (UPS) — One of the brighter aspects of the sexual revolution is that it offers this generation whole new levels of personal manipulation. Instead of the older concept of “nice girls” being virgins upon marriage, the liberated standards offer people the chance to express their deepest feelings to one another in a natural way. Marriage counselors often say that successful marriages are built upon compatible interests, liking one another, and a satisfactory sex life.


Emil Bacilla

Well you see it was something like this. Larry Weiner (formerly mentioned in this column), Detroit film-maker, has finally gotten everything together for his long planned sequence for his long in the making film. The sequence involves some junior executive types walking through the Fisher Building, through the tunnel, in and out of the General Motors Building, dressed in turtle shells.


Carlotta Henderson
Highland Park Vetoes Vietnam Referendum

In contrast to the Dearborn decision on a Vietnam referendum, Highland Park’s City Council voted, 4 to 1, on Oct. 17, not to place the issue on the November ballot. The vote was surprising in a community which is more urban, more sophisticated than Dearborn, with a high percentage of Negroes, active in civic affairs.


Fifth Estate Collective
Fifth Estate Goes to College New Friends at Wayne

Reprinted from The Daily Collegian, Thursday, October 27, 1966, Vartan Knpelian, Editor-in-Chief. Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan


Against New Tabloid

It is always interesting to observe the machinations of the New Left. Therefore, it would seem to be even more interesting to observe their latest innovation designed to spread their particular form of radicalism.


David Samas
Letter From a Prison Cell

American heoroes, the Fort Hood Three: (l. to rt.) Mora, Samas, Johnson

Although I am being held in solitary confinement, the prisoners and guards find occasion to speak with me. I was ordered to remove the name tags from my uniforms and from above my cage door. I now exist as the man without a country or a name; this plus instructions for no one to speak with me entices the prisoners and guards to find out my story.


Marlene Tyre
The Fort Hood Three: An American Tragedy

“Conscience is a costly thing, and I am paying dearly for the rights to my mind. Five years a cement wall and cold iron bars... is the price I am paying for real freedom. If it must be this way, I accept it gladly, knowing that the satisfaction, the pride and the honor I am feeling because of my actions will bring me through, whatever punishment my master’s hand down on me.”


Merrill Lynn
Studio & Court Theatre 2 Reviews

A bizarre chiller which gives Rock Hudson a chance at drama, for a change, provides an evening of unusual entertainment in the John Frankenheimer film, “Seconds,” now appearing at the Studio New Center Theatre.

A fantastic organization, equally amazing in its efficiency and pose, offers Mr. Hudson a second chance at life. Excellent photography and a good performance by Rock brings you to a startling climax which is certainly not meant for weak hearts. Gagged and bound, Mr. Hudson has never looked nor sounded so convincing before.


Various Authors
Letters to the Editors

To the Editor:

“Where were the police and how could such a thing happen” were the questions asked by a stunned audience at the Art Institute on Friday, Oct. 21. They had come for an evening of beautiful music, superbly played by the Moscow Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Rudolf Barshai.

Outside the hall were about 20 police vehicles to protect concert-goers from the Breakthrough picket line. Yet within the auditorium there was insufficient surveillance. Known members of Breakthrough were allowed in the lobby to create minor disturbances; others were seen to be seated in the hall. The concert proceeded. The first selection was played and as the ovation burst forth, four men sprang onto the stage, from the wings, with two huge insulting signs. Police arrived to quell the disturbance some minutes after some of the audience had taken their own action.


Stan Ovshinsky
Letters to My Children ‘In The House Of The Hanged’

First Letter: ‘In The House of the Hanged, One Does Not Speak of the Hemp.’

Today there’s a great deal of preaching to young people. One can hear the tongue clicking of sophisticated adults worrying about what is happening to the younger generation. There’s also the thoughtless embracing of the superficial fads of youth today by those adults who wish to appear to be “with it.” I don’t feel I’ve suffered from any generation gap, at least, this is how you have always treated me, so let’s get to the heart of some of the important things that bother all of us, Young and old, today. I have never worshipped at any shrine and I know that you, at least, will not mind the irreverence that I might express. After all, one of the things I want to warn you about is not to accept a man’s words except as you learn from them, but judge him by his deeds as you see him.


Fifth Estate Collective

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