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Editors’ Notes

The revolutionary newspaper conference sponsored by this newspaper and several other publications will be held on only one day: Saturday, April 12. The planners felt that the necessary work could be accomplished in that period.

The conference will cover a complete range of subjects from how to put together any printed newspaper (from mimeo to offset) as well as political perspectives, organizing, financing, legal questions and anything else people want to know.


Fifth Estate Collective

Fifth Estate

A Newspaper Of Detroit

FIFTH ESTATE #76, April 3–16, 1969, Vol. 3 No. 24


Alan Gotkin

Tommye Wiese

Peter Werbe

Cathy West


Bruce Montrose


John Sinclair


Mike Tyre


Claudia Montrose

Franie Nelson

Marlene Tyre

Marilyn Werbe


Fifth Estate Collective
Traffic is Normal

Editors’ Note: The following is a press release issued by Detroit Police Commissioner Johannes Spreen at 3:25 am on March 30 following the shoot-out between two police officers and 12 armed black men following a meeting of the New Republic of Africa. Events of the evening are still unclear as we go to press, but next issue we will feature in-depth coverage of the occurrence. All errors were in the original.


Dena Clamage
Black Students Protest

Black high school students escalated their Spring Offensive March 26 in a city-wide demonstration at the School Center Building, headquarters of the Detroit Board of Education.

The demonstration was sponsored by the Black Student Voice, a black junior and senior high school newsletter dedicated to the complete liberation of black people.


Jerry Rubin
The Academy Award of Protest

This is the greatest honor of my life. It is with sincere humility that I accept this federal indictment. It is the fulfillment of childhood dreams, climaxing years of hard work and fun.

I wish to thank all those who made it possible: my mother, my father, brother, wife Nancy, Stew and Gumbo, Spartacus, Tom Paine, the Boston Tea Party, Ho, Che, Fidel, Huey, Eldridge, Lenny Bruce. Walter Cronkite, and last but not least—Richard J. Daley.


Chris Singer
The Chicago Conspiracy

CHICAGO—The repression that many have forecast may have come.

On September 9, 1968, Judge William J. Campbell charged a 23-man grand jury with the job of investigating the violence in the streets of Chicago that occurred during the week of the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

Last week the grand jury, in a remarkable political balancing act, returned indictments against 17 persons: eight Chicago police; eight persons allied with the movement; and, one member of the fourth estate, a suspended NBC News executive.


Fifth Estate Collective
Cops Kill Chicano

Fernando Gonzalez was 16 years old.

He won’t be getting any older.

As his name implies, Gonzalez was a Chicano youth from southwest Detroit. And in a wanton display of insane racism, four crazed pigs from the Fort-Green Station of the Detroit Police Department, savagely clubbed the man to death on a Detroit street.


Fifth Estate Collective
Sincavitch to be Tried

FLASH! Sincavitch has been convicted of being absent without leave and received a suspended sentence of six months confinement. He was ordered to report for active duty immediately, but Sincavitch has stated that he will refuse to do so.

Tom Sincavitch, who was arrested March 12 by some 40 FBI agents in his “sanctuary” of St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church, is confined in Fort Riley, Kansas.


John Wilcock
Other Scenes

Hippy beggars are a colossal drag. They are all losers, parasites. Their begging is a way of saying that somebody else should take care of you and you don’t much care who it is.

Hippy beggars are worse than most because 1) they hit on their brothers too often; 2) most of them have parents who could and would pay their bills; and 3) lazy, whining kids are an aesthetic bring-down as well as a lousy advertisement for the whole community—any community.


Fifth Estate Collective
GI Refuses Viet Duty

FT. JACKSON, S.C.—Pvt. Henry Mills has refused orders to Vietnam.

According to the American Serviceman’s Union, Mills came to New York to consult with them and then turned himself in at Ft. Dix, the nearest base.

Mills, who is black, has stated that he will not participate in a war that is immoral and racist.


Fifth Estate Collective
At Ft. Jackson: More Repression

FT. JACKSON, S.C.—Four GIs are in the stockade as a result of an on-base meeting to discuss the war in Vietnam.

All are leaders of GIs United Against the War in Vietnam and are charged with “inciting to riot,” “disturbing the peace,” and “disrespect to an officer.”

The GI organization has been actively involved in opposing the war and demanding that GIs be allowed the same rights as civilians.


George Shuba
Presidio Mutiny Case Update

TACOMA, Wash. (LNS)—Good news in the Presidio “Mutiny” case: Linden Blake, the third of the 27 stockade prisoners to escape while awaiting trial, has arrived safely in Canada. And the Department of the Army, feeling the unaccustomed weight of public pressure, has cut Nesrey Sood’s sentence down to two years.


“If I Had a Gun...”

Special to the Fifth Estate

GREAT FALLS, Montana—A local boy has made good out in the wooly West.

Mickey Gordon, formerly of Detroit, was charged in Montana Federal District Court with threatening the life of President Nixon. Gordon is a student at Rocky Mountain College in that state.

The complaint is based on information furnished by Roger Lee Clement, a fellow student who claims Gordon said, “If I had a gun, I’d shoot the President.”


Fifth Estate Collective
Algiers Motel Witness Freed

Karen Malloy is out of jail and home in Columbus, Ohio.

Enough fuss was raised by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to force the Beast to “release” her on $5000 cash bond.

You see, Miss Malloy is one of the “key prosecution witnesses” in the bogus trial of suspended Detroit Pig Ronald August. This racist pig is due to stand trial in May for the vicious torture-slaying of Auburey Pollard, a 17-year old black who was among three blacks brutally murdered by the mad-dog agents of the Beast in the former Algiers Motel on Wednesday, July 26, 1967, during the height of the Rebellion.


Bill Hutton
The Eisenhower Years

Editors’ Note: Bill Hutton’s tribute to the Eisenhower Years first appeared in this paper in the Jan. 15, 1968 issue and is reprinted now on the occasion of the General’s passing. This piece is part of a newly released book by Bill Hutton entitled “A History of America.” It is published by The Coach House Press in Toronto.


Edward D’Angelo
Open Letter to Police Commissioner Spreen

Commissioner Spreen,

In regards to your public clearing of your fellow police officers for their actions at the Wallace rally at Cobo Hall, I would like to say a few words as a victim of police brutality that you say didn’t take place.

First of all, having suffered a broken leg and a sprained arm at the hands of your “law enforcement officers” and now of hearing your words of praise for the “fine work” of your police I can now have a better understanding of the reasons for the ghetto uprisings of two summers ago. When the work of your sadistic men in blue goes unchecked and even praised how do you think people should react? How would you react, Mr. Spreen?


Eugene Schoenfeld M.D.

Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld speaking at Community Arts Auditorium, May 28, 1969 at a benefit for Open City. Photo: Alan Gotkin.

QUESTION: I am a serviceman in Vietnam and my wife thinks I am having sexual relations here. Not so. But after arriving I noticed some pimple-like protrusions in my pubic area. I went to my sick bay where the corpsmen laughed them off as venereal warts.


Hank Malone
Rebellion in Nowhere


Rioting by 250 Black youths, says a UPI dispatch dated March 23, 1969, brought 200 police from 10 communities to the 20,000-student campus at Northern Illinois University at DeKalb.

Windows were smashed in the campus police station, library, university center, and a women’s dormitory. Two trucks and two cars were vandalized. Damage was estimated at several thousand dollars. There were no arrests.


Harvey Ovshinsky
Open City Progress

Open City’s first financial setback occurred April 1st when the Studio 1 benefit was canceled at the last minute. Bob Scott was supposed to receive enough backing to open his Optek Pharmacy at the old Studio location, but things back-rued and our April Fools benefit hit the dust.

Uncle Russ has come through for an Open City “Rites of Spring” benefit that will be held at the Grande on April 23. The celebration will begin at 7 p.m. and last only until 11 p.m.


Various Authors

Dear Friends,

I read your paper today for the first time and I dig it to the max.

I’ve been around army posts for 6-1/2 years and just recently my eyes were opened to what the vast “green machine” is really like.

I don’t believe we had any business getting involved in Vietnam.

We went in as advisers! Like always. We wound up fighting their war.


John Sinclair

INFORMED SOURCES, a novel by Willard Bain: Doubleday, 1969, 144 pp., $2.95.

“Power is the ability to define phenomena and make them act in a desired manner.”

—Huey P. Newton, Minister of Defense, Black Panther Party

Willard Bain’s book was originally printed by the Communications Company in San Francisco the summer of 1967 and given away free in the streets. Informed Sources is the first post-Burroughsian novel I’d say, post-McLuhan also, and in its intentions and design strictly contemporary. Bain (who has the same initials as Burroughs—WSB—strangely enough) has gotten down to the simple major questions of control and power and what language has to do with it.


Fifth Estate Collective


(above) A Greek Independence Day celebration at the Masonic Temple March 22 was the signal for the Michigan Freedom for Greece Committee to hold a protest demonstration. “How can they hold an ‘independence’ day celebration when Greece is in chains ruled by a fascist dictatorship?” asked Nikos Boyias, chairman of the group. About 35 persons participated in the picketing.


Judie Davis
Eat it!

Having been publicly admonished by the editors for a lack of responsibility, I dutifully return to these pages, hanging my head and offering bagels, begging forgiveness (up the wall, Peter!).


Finals time usually finds me typing papers with little interest in cooking or column writing which is my excuse for a lack of responsibility.


Dennis Raymond
Monterey Pop

D.A. Pennebaker’s endlessly fascinating film, “Monterey Pop,” gives us Gracie Slick & The Jefferson Airplane, The Who, Simon & Garfunkle, Janis Joplin, Hugh Masekela, Eric Burdon & The Animals, Otis Redding, The Mamas & the Papas, Canned Heat, Country Joe & the Fish, and many, many others all on one sensational single-bill; something that Uncle Russ would never do without charging around $50 a head.


Mike Kerman
The Flying Burrito Bros.

A few weeks ago the Flying Burrito Brothers brought their electrified, rockified country style music to the Grande Ballroom and the good folks responded with a silent Bronx cheer.

They wanted something familiar to vibrate their nervous systems, but the Burritos responded with soft, but apparently unsoothing country rock.


Art Johnston
MC-5 in San Francisco

Special to the Fifth Estate!

SAN FRANCISCO—The MC5 have blasted their way out of the grease pits of FoMoCo city, resolved their feud with the Motherfuckers of New York’s lower east side, and wound up in the San Francisco jailhouse after a near street fight with a squad of TACs.

In the early hours of March 18 the Five were rolling along San Francisco’s Bayshore Freeway in a borrowed station wagon with eleven other friends of the Berkeley White Panthers, doin’ their usual thing, when the forces of Legitimate Violence tried to run them off the skyway.


Docs for Dope

The New Physician, a national medical journal with a monthly circulation of over 60,000 physicians and medical students, has become the first major national medical journal to speak out in favor of the legalization of marijuana.

An editorial in the March 1969 issue entitled: “Pot: Hobby not Habit,” it was suggested that unless new medical evidence is unearthed to prove any ill effects from marijuana, then “marijuana should enjoy the same status as alcohol.”


Liberation News Service
Morrison “Slips”

MIAMI (LNS)—Jim Morrison, erotic magician and lead singer for the Doors, is in big trouble in Florida.

On March 2, as John Burks of Rolling Stone puts it, Morrison “finally let it all hang out” during a rock concert before 10,000 people here. And now, local authorities want to zip him up in the pen.


Fifth Estate Collective
Black Theatre

April 3rd began a new evening of theatre from black experience entitled “Soul of Darkness.”

Evenings of two one-act plays by Detroit playwright Laurence Blaine will be held at the Detroit Repertory Theatre.

“Little Old Ladies” will be performed by Jessie Newton, Irene McGlone, Frenchy Hodges, and Harrison Avery.


David Watson
Plymouth, Mich. Police State

Plymouth, Michigan, is a small town. To say that it is conservative would be an understatement.

It is run by a small group of politicians and pigs, among them Carl “Pig” Berry, the chief narc; Chief of Pigs “Daley” Straley; Harold Gunther, the ex-mayor, who is running for the post of city commissioner; and a few others.


Fifth Estate Collective
Events Calendar

Compiled by Barbara Wellner and Ivana Gottfried.

Those events marked with an asterisk (*) need Fifth Estate salesmen. If you want to earn some extra money, come down to our office and pick up some papers.


* RED ROACH COFFEE HOUSE with short films light show, dancing and poetry readings. 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.


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