Dan (I would) Rather (be living in Utopia)
Another World is Possible


In breaking news from undisclosed, official, and reliable sources, international terra-ist O-Sunny-Been-Lovin’ has claimed full responsibility for hijacking global consciousness and spreading indiscriminate acts of kindness, love, generosity, and joy.

Reports from all over the world have confirmed spontaneous moments of peaceful behavior and unbelievable pleasure. At factories in developed and undeveloped nations, work stoppages were widespread.


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Trumbullplex Anarchist Collective
Emma and Oona

Oona Sofia Wieski—Nov. 21, 1980-Feb. 12, 2002

Emma Alyse Berger—Sept. 26, 1980-Feb. 12, 2002

Oona and Emma and their Trumbullplex housemates, very special soul mates, were returning from an incredible journey to Hawaii, when a terrible automobile crash occurred only 10 minutes from Emma’s uncle’s house in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on February 12.


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A 1972 Fifth Estate office meeting. photo/Millard Berry


David Watson
Workers Aid & the Betrayals of the Left An introduction

The failure of dissidents in the West to come to terms with the Yugoslav debacle & the subsequent slaughters weighs like a nightmare on the mind & spirit of anyone trying to sort through the complex realities of the present period.

We are publishing Bob Myers’ moving testimony to international solidarity on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the Bosnian genocide (see “Ethnic Cleansing in the Former Yugoslavia” on following page), most of which occurred between the spring and autumn of 1992.


Bob Myers
Ethnic Cleansing in the Former Yugoslavia How a determined band of English activists overcame all odds to bring food & assistance across Europe to fight the mass slaughter the world was ignoring

Releted: see “Workers Aid & the Betrayals of the Left: An Introduction” in this ussue.

It’s very hard now, probably impossible, to capture the urgency of the spring, summer and autumn of 1992. In a few months, hundreds of thousands of people were killed. Not just that, the survivors were driven from their homes. Two million of them.


Alon K. Raab
Mother Earth Emma Goldman’s anarchist magazine

a review of

Anarchy! An Anthology of Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth, Edited with Commentary by Peter Glassgold, Counterpoint, 2001, 428 pages, $25.

“A spectacle, the terrible events of today strengthen this conviction, that war is permanently fostered by the present social system. Armed conflict is the natural consequence and the inevitable and fatal outcome of a society that is founded on the exploitation of the workers...To all the soldiers of all countries who believe they are fighting for justice and liberty, we have to declare that their heroism and their valor will but serve to perpetuate hatred, tyranny, and misery.”


Peter Lamborn Wilson
New from Black & Red Judith Malina’s Poetry of Love & Politics

a review of

Love & Politics, Judith Malina, Preface by Ira Cohen, 2001, Black & Red, PO Box 02374, Detroit, Michigan 48202, $5 postage included, 84 pages



Love & Politics</em>: a perfect title for Judith Malina’s poems—politics of love, politics of the heart. Anyone who’s ever fallen for the Living Theatre—that grand Kabuki of the avant garde—would want to own this book.


A. Smith (Andy “Sunfrog” Smith)
Sex, Sedition and the Fall of the Berlin Wall Book review

a review of

Len Bracken, The East is Black. Sexpol Editions (Third Edition) 2000

Pornography is a literary form fraught with political implications often operating outside the text. The very question of what is pornography has been the pretext of many political trials. But, political and sexual implications aside, pornography is simply what it is: a literary (or artistic) form.


Allan Antliff
Herbert Read’s Surrealism

(for Federico Arcos)

In 1937, at the opening of the London exhibition, “Surrealist Objects and Poems,” anarchist art critic Herbert Read delivered a short talk proclaiming the movement’s artists as “angels of anarchy.” The show’s catalogue cover also featured a sculpture by the Argentinean-English surrealist Eileen Agar entitled, “The Angel of Anarchy.” Who was this “Angel?” The mystery was cleared up in the December 1938-January 1939 issue of the English surrealists’ London Bulletin, where a photo of Read, author of Poetry and Anarchism, appeared alongside a reproduction of the work.


John Clark
The Utopian

a review of

The Utopian: A journal of Anarchism and Libertarian Socialism, August 2000, 58 pp. Published by The Utopian Publishing Co., P.O. Box 387, College Station, New York, NY 10030. $5.00 for one issue or $8.00 for two.

The Utopian is a promising new anarchist journal that will probably strike various readers quite differently, depending on their expectations. Those who, guided by the subtitle, are looking for a new “journal of anarchism and libertarian socialism” will probably find it to be much to their liking, since it focuses heavily on theory and is more sophisticated in this area than most anarchist publications. On the other hand, those drawn to the title expecting daring flights of the utopian imagination, or investigations of the status of various Temporary Autonomous Zones may be a bit let down.


Various Authors
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Peter Werbe
Paul Preston

In 1936 Spain A New World Was Possible

Discussed in this article:

The CNT in the Spanish Revolution, Vol. 1, by José Peirats, translated by Paul Sharkey, edited by Chris Ealham, 348 pp., (24 pp. photographs). The Meltzer Press, P.O. Box 35, Hastings, East Sussex TN34 2UX, England, 2001 WIB ph. Also available through AK Press and Left Bank Books in North America.


David Watson
Catastrophe as a way of life an anti-imperialism for the twenty-first century

1. Burn your bibles, not your neighbors

Now that a significant number of both patricians and plebes of the American metropole, from wealthy futures traders to dishwashers, have become collateral damage in the crossfire between Jihad and McWorld, it bears asking ourselves what forces are really clashing and what is at stake.